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Maritiem Pakket Pro

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Maritiem Pakket Pro

Package contents

20L ProNano Blue Active Foam (concentrate)
ProNano Blue Active Foam is a highly efficient contactless boat cleaner. The product is suitable for contactless cleaning of, among other things, the hull, deck, engine compartment and all other parts. ProNano Blue Active Foam has a deep cleaning effect and leaves no streaks.

5L ProNano Activator Maritime (concentrate)
ProNano Activator Maritime is an extremely powerful cleaner for removing limescale, salt deposits and rust. It is suitable for all types of surfaces such as steel, polyester, light metals and painted surfaces. It dissolves dirt effortlessly and removes discolouration from the surface.

1L ProNano Diamond Nano Wax (concentrate)
Product with a triple formula of action: dries the surface of the washed vehicle, gives the treated surface optimal paint protection and a great, deep shine; it makes a vehicle water and dirt repellent for 2-3 months.

750ml ProNano Hull Clean (ready to use)
ProNano Hull Clean effortlessly removes boat deposits and algae from the hull and waterline. When the product comes into contact with the contamination, it turns red.

750ml ProNano Black Streak Remover (ready to use)
ProNano Black Streak Remover effortlessly removes black stripes caused by sealants, rubbers, air conditioning water and other biological contaminants. The product does not contain acids and is suitable for all surfaces such as polyester, aluminum, metal, plastic and vinyl.

500ml ProNano Hard Water Drop remover (ready to use)
Innovative product for removing traces of hard water from surfaces. This product has a pleasant coffee scent.

750ml ProNano Boat Shine | Spray Wax (ready to use)
ProNano Boat Shine Spray Wax can be applied to both wet and dry surfaces. It has excellent hydrophobic properties, which give a high gloss and improve the color. It protects the boat against all weather conditions.

1x Super hand sprayer RED 1L
The Super Hand Sprayer RED 1L is a handy hand pump sprayer for heavy work, suitable for ProNano Activator Maritime. This is a unique sprayer that sprays both when squeezing and when releasing, allowing you to work faster and more effectively than with normal sprayers!

1x Low Pressure Pump Pro+ 6L
With the Low Pressure Pump Pro+ it is possible to supply the entire boat with product without additional pumping. Made of high quality for everyday use. With no less than 6 liters of content, you'll never be without it. Equipped with a pressure gauge so you can see how much pressure is left in the holder. Thanks to the extended handle and the end piece, which is placed at an angle, the product also reaches the hard-to-reach places. Supplied with filter and carrying strap.

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