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ProNano Engine Care

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ProNano Engine Care

Receive a completely FREE detailing set with the purchase of 20L ProNano Plus, this saves you € 144

20L ProNano Plus

It is an innovative single-phase, highly efficient product designed for non-contact, scratch-free cleaning of various vehicles: cars, pick-ups, vans, trucks, trailers, boats, etc. ProNano Plus has a deep cleaning action and also has a color- and gloss enhancing effect. It is based on Nano technology and has anti-corrosion properties.

 750ml Inox Red

Inox Red is suitable for cleaning different types of wheels and other metal surfaces. The product sticks to the surface to be treated. The appearance of the red color is the completion of the treatment.

 Fast N Shine

Fast N 'Shine Spray Wax is a liquid synthetic wax that is applied to wet or dry surfaces. Designed for monthly use to keep your vehicle in top condition. It has excellent hydrophobic properties that give surfaces a high gloss and create a deep shine on your paint. It protects the paint against bad weather conditions. With carefully selected ingredients it can be applied easily. Spray on & Wipe off. This product does not leave streaks and it has a pleasant cherry scent.

FREE - Motor Clean

Motor Clean is a product suitable for cleaning engine rooms. It contains a unique combination of components that dissolve all kinds of grease, oil and grease.

FREE - Motor Shine

Motor Shine is an innovative, highly advanced product intended for all plastic parts of your engine compartment. This product has excellent anti-static properties. It also gives a deep shine to treated plastic. Motor Shine ensures that all your plastic parts are water and dirt resistant

FREE - Large XL Grey Microfiber

is an extremely durable and absorbent microfiber cloth, made of high quality material. Ideally suited for cleaning dusty interior parts. This cloth can certainly be used to apply a wax or to dry the vehicle.

FREE - Microfiber Pad

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