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ProNano Camper Package

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ProNano Camper Package

The package contains:

- 1L ProNano Basic Camper Foam (concentrate)
- 0.5L ProNano Diamond Nano Wax (concentrate)
- 750ml ProNano Ceramic Wax
- 750ml ProNano Window Clean
- 1x Large XL Glass - BLUE Microfiber Glass Cloth
- 1x 750ml ProMedical Disinfectant
- 1x Large XL Interior - WHITE Microfiber cloth
- 1x ProMedical Hand Gel
- 1x Super Sprayer Blue 1.5L for Diamond Nano Wax
- 1x Low Pressure Pump Pro + 12L (!) For ProNano Basic Camper Foam


1L ProNano Basic Camper Foam (concentrate)
Innovative, extremely efficient product, designed for non-contact camper cleaning, creates a large amount of thick and stable foam during the wash. The ProNano Basic Camper Foam has a deep cleaning effect and enhances shine. 50ml in 1L of water - good for cleaning at least 12 motorhomes!

0.5L ProNano Diamond Nano Wax (concentrate)
Product with a triple formula of action: dries the surface of the washed motorhome, gives the treated surface optimal paint protection and a great, deep shine; it makes a vehicle water and dirt resistant for 2-3 months. 15ml in 1L of water - good for years of protection!

750ml ProNano Ceramic Wax
Ceramic Spray Wax can be applied to wet or dry surfaces. It has excellent hydrophobic properties, which give a high gloss and improve the color. It protects the paint against all weather conditions. With carefully formulated ingredients, applying this product is easy and leaves no streaks.

750ml ProNano Window Clean
Cleans glass and mirrors. Eliminates insect contamination and yellowing from smoke and nicotine. Also suitable for plastic parts. Perfect for cleaning all glass in and around the camper, but also for the home or office, mirrors, crystal, kitchen appliances and ceramics. The product leaves a fresh scent.

1x Large XL Glass - BLUE Microfiber Glass Cloth
is a streak-free glass cloth, effectively removes dirt without leaving streaks or fibers on the window, mirrors and glass. It is good for wet and dry use.

750ml ProMedical Disinfectant
It is an All Ready ethyl alcohol based product for cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces - doors, door handles, countertops, chairs, bathroom fixtures and small everyday items such as a phone, car keys or glasses. Thanks to its optimal composition (75% ethyl alcohol), the preparation is 99.9% effective and fights all microorganisms - bacteria and viruses. No dilution or rinsing is required for this. Does not damage or discolor the surface.

1x Large XL Interior - WHITE Microfiber cloth
is a microfiber cloth designed for cleaning leather and interior parts. Due to its rougher structure, compared to other microfibres, it perfectly removes dirt and other impurities from leather upholstery. It colors the cleaned upholstery, not the dashboard.

1x ProMedical Hand Gel
Ready-to-use hand gel for quick hand disinfection. Can be used without water. In an easy applicator. The product spreads easily. The composition of the gel has been developed on the basis of the best chemical knowledge and scientific data on optimal effectiveness in combating viruses and bacteria. Thanks to the correct alcohol concentration, Pro Hand Gel removes viruses and bacteria 99% efficiently and extremely quickly. That is why it has a certificate from the Office for the Registration of Medicines, Medical Devices and Biocides.

1x Super Sprayer Blue 1.5L for Diamond Nano Wax
The Super Sprayer Blue is a handy hand pump sprayer for intensive use. Suitable for atomizing the Diamond Nano Wax. Enables the work enormously with intensive use because you do not have to operate a sprayer. Thanks to a unique system, this hand pump sprayer can even be used upside down! The nozzle can be adjusted in all directions.

1x Low Pressure Pump Pro + 12L (!) For ProNano Basic Camper Foam
With the Low Pressure Pump Pro + it is possible to cover the entire motorhome without pumping. Made of high quality for daily use. With a volume of no less than 12 liters you will never be without! Equipped with a pressure gauge so you can see how much pressure is left in the container.

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