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ProNano Christmas Holiday Package

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ProNano Christmas Holiday Package

ProNano Package for on the go! With this package you have everything with you to get through the holiday clean and fresh.


750ml ProNano Insect Clean
Body fluids from flies and other insects contain acids, these acids affect your paint. When you have to drive hundreds of kilometers, these acids burn deep into your paint! Prevent damage and remove these insects in time with the ProNano Insect Clean. This product comes in a handy spray bottle, apply to the contaminated parts and spray clean after 1 minute.

750ml ProNano Fast 'N Shine
Get off on the way, get in, get out. Greasy fingerprints on the paint. On the door handles, on the door jambs, etc. With the ProNano Fast 'N Shine you can give your car a unique shine in no time! Fast N' Shine Spray Wax is a liquid synthetic wax that is applied to wet or dry surfaces. Spray it on the surface and spread it evenly with a microfibre cloth. After 2 minutes, polish the product well with a microfibre cloth.

750ml ProNano Inox Red
During your holiday trip you often have to brake, in a traffic jam, in the mountains or on the highway. Brake dust is released during braking. Brake dust consists of iron particles and is caused by the wear of the brake pads. This brake dust burns into your rims. So clean them on time. Inox Red is suitable for cleaning different types of wheels and other metal surfaces. The product adheres to the surface to be treated. Spray the rims, wait 2 to 3 minutes for the red color to appear, then rinse with high pressure.

750ml ProNano Window Clean
For a crystal clear view on the road! Clean windows make driving more enjoyable and less fatigued. ProNano Window Clean contains a unique combination of ingredients that provide crystal clear vision on the road. Spray the surface to be cleaned, then dry brush. It contains a pleasant fragrance.

750ml ProNano Hygiene 99.9%
This product speaks for itself in these times, especially when you go abroad, hygiene is important. Hygiene 99.9% is the product to remove bacteria. Can be used on any surface in your car

ProNano Car Perfume
After having been in the car with several people for hours, your car can start to smell a bit musty, with the wonderful scent of ProNano Silver Perfume you can prevent this. When you have arrived at your destination, or when you are going to have a cup of coffee on the way: 2 small sprays under the seats and when you enter the car the car smells like new again!

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