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ProNano VIP Detailing Studio Emmeloord

The ProNano VIP Detailing treatment starts with non-contact cleaning of the exterior. Your vehicle will receive a deep cleaning by means of our Nano Technology-based cleaners. After cleaning, an extensive rinsing takes place with osmosis water.

Osmosis water is water in its purest form. It is free from lime, lead, salts, iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium and organic pollution. Osmosis water is therefore very pure and therefore does not leave streaks or stains.

After cleaning the exterior, our detailing specialist will start working on your engine compartment. Your engine compartment will be cleared of all contamination and restored to new optical condition.

When the exterior and engine compartment are 100% clean and dry, the next step is your interior. The most difficult places are vacuumed out and cleaned by means of our professional machines. After a manual check by our detailing specialist, the vehicle is treated with ozone.

During the ozone treatment, the ProNano Ozone generator produces ozone, which spreads throughout the car and has a disinfecting effect. The car smells 100% fresh and neutral after this treatment. 99.99% of all bacteria and organisms have been destroyed by the ozone treatment.

VIP Detailing
During the detailing process, our detailing specialist sets to work on restoring the gloss, color and reflection of the paint. Your vehicle will be restored to showroom condition, all minute hair scratches, caused by wax brushes, for example, will be polished away.

After polishing and polishing your vehicle will receive a paint seal by means of one of our Nano Waxes or Coatings.