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Starter package Inox Red

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Starter package Inox Red

Get started right away with your car or truck! This is possible with the ProNano Starter Package Inox Red.

The package contains :
- 1 liter ProNano Plus (Concentrate)
Activator and deep cleaner, effortlessly loosens dirt.
- 1 liter of Diamond Nano Wax (Concentrate)
Gloss enhancing, water and dirt repellent.
         - Inox Red (All Ready)
Suitable for cleaning various types of wheels and other metals
- A measuring cup

ProNano Plus :
The innovative, single-phase, extremely efficient product, designed for non-contact vehicle cleaning, creates a large amount of thick and stable foam during washing. The ProNano Plus has a deep cleaning effect and enhances shine.

Mixing ratio :
Low pressure (plant/back sprayer): 50 ml on 1 L of water.
At low pressure, no foam forms.
High pressure (foam gun): 250 ml to 1 L of water.

Working time :
Low pressure (plant/back sprayer): 60 to 80 seconds.
High pressure (foam gun): 2 to 3 minutes.

Diamond Nano Wax :
The patented ProNano Diamond Nano Wax has a gloss and color enhancing effect. In addition, it makes the treated surfaces water and dirt repellent. The ultimate protection for your vehicle or machine! The product has a pleasant fragrance.

Mixing ratio :
Low pressure (plant/back sprayer): 15 ml on 1 L of water.
High pressure (foam gun): 100 ml on 1 L of water.

Working time :
Apply to a wet vehicle after washing. Rinse after 1 minute.

Inox Red :
Inox Red is suitable for cleaning different types of wheels and other metal surfaces. The product adheres to the surface to be treated. The appearance of the red color is the completion of the treatment.

Mixing ratio :
Ready for use.

Working time :
2 to 3 minutes, wait for the red color to appear, then rinse with high pressure.

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