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About us

ProNano is a leading Dutch company that is rapidly growing and operating globally. We specialize in the development of professional cleaning and wax products based on advanced Nano-technology.

Our History

Fifteen years ago, we began the production of these high-quality cleaning and wax products. This has resulted in a complete range of products that can be used without direct contact. Today, ProNano has become a renowned brand in five different sectors.

Our Philosophy

At ProNano, we understand that your vehicle is the face of your company. Therefore, we strive to maintain your valuable asset with the utmost care. Our products provide deep cleaning into the pores of the paint, while also promoting the durability of your vehicle through protective and restorative capabilities.

Our Approach

The use of ProNano's cleaning agents ensures that your vehicle always remains in top condition. This saves you time, keeps your vehicle clean for longer, and enhances the professional appearance of your business.

Our Three Principles

At ProNano, we believe in three essential principles for success:

  1. Product: Our product offers all the elements for thorough cleaning, color restoration, and paint protection.
  2. Cleaning Method: The method of cleaning, from blending the product to structured rinsing, is crucial for effective cleaning.
  3. Machine: A professional machine is indispensable for applying the product. With the right settings and knowledge, this ensures deep, high-quality cleaning.

When these three principles come together in harmony, you experience the ultimate washing result.