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Products developed on the basis of patented Nano Technology®

ProNano Cosmetics B.V.

Professional shampoo, wax and coating

ProNano Cosmetics B.V. is a fast-growing and internationally oriented company, specialized in developing professional cleaning and waxing products based on Nano Technology. This patented Nano Technology ensures that the shampoos can be used without contact, which means that you do not need brushes or sponges. Inject, wait and spray. Even the most stubborn pollution disappears like snow in the sun.

This Nano Technology has also been applied in the development of the wax products. This allows the wax to penetrate deeply into the smallest pores of the material, providing a deep shine and better color. In addition, the Nano molecules fill the material, which makes the surface smoother. It makes the surface water and dirt repellent. The ultimate protection.