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ProNano Eco Concrete Gel | Concrete remover

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ProNano Eco Concrete Gel | Concrete remover

ProNano Eco Concrete Gel is a very powerful and effective cleaner for removing heavy concrete contamination. The cleaner effortlessly removes old concrete residue from vehicles, machines, tools and other surfaces. Thanks to the unique gel structure, the product adheres to the contamination, ensuring that it continues to work efficiently for up to 10 hours. Even the most stubborn and thick concrete residues are broken down effortlessly. This eco-friendly cleaning gel is particularly suitable for use in concrete plants, on concrete mixers and tools.

Characteristics of the ProNano Eco Concrete Gel

  • Removes old concrete residue
  • Suitable for all surfaces
  • Operation for up to 10 hours
  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable

Use: Ready to use

- Before use, thoroughly wet the contaminated surface with water. this for more efficient use of the product.
- Apply the product with a low pressure pump.
- Spray the product over the contaminated surfaces.
- Allow the product to work. Check after 20-30 minutes whether contamination is still sufficiently wet.
- Repeat step 2 if this is not the case.
- Allow the product to work for 30 minutes to 10 hours, depending on the thickness of the contamination
- The operation of the product is complete when the contamination has softened.
- Then rinse it thoroughly with a high-pressure cleaner or with water and a brush.

Please note, it is important to check in the meantime whether the contamination has remained somewhat wet.
If the product has dried slightly in the meantime, spray the product locally.

Nano Technology
ProNano products have been developed based on Nano Technology, which results in a deep cleaning effect. Thanks to nano-molecules, small particles that can penetrate deep into the surface, the cleaning process goes further than with an average cleaner. This leads to a more thorough cleaning of the surface. In addition, the shine and high gloss of the surface are enhanced and restored, and you will experience a more intense color experience.

Download the information sheet here (NL)

Download the information sheet here (EN)

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