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ProNano Plus | Contactless shampoo

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ProNano Plus | Contactless shampoo

ProNano Plus is an innovative and effective cleaner developed for cleaning vehicles such as trucks and cars. The revolutionary formula of the ProNano Plus makes it extremely suitable for contactless and scratch-free cleaning. The product creates a thick and stable snow foam during washing according to the foam method, so that the pollution sticks well to the shampoo and is easy to rinse off.

The product offers the ultimate solution for organic and stubborn pollution that is accumulated while driving. The result is a deeply cleaned vehicle with a higher gloss and deeper color experience.

The ProNano Plus has been developed on the basis of Nano Technology, which results in a deep cleaning effect. Thanks to the nano-molecules, the cleaning process goes further than with an average cleaner. This leads to a deeper cleaning of the surface.

Features of the ProNano Plus

  • Non-contact and scratch-free cleaning
  • Thick and stable snow foam
  • Removes organic and stubborn dirt
  • Color and shine enhancing result

Mixing ratio

Snow Foam method: (foam gun/foam lance)
Mix 250ml ProNano Plus with 750ml water (in a 1 liter foam gun). Processing time: 2 - 3 minutes.

Low pressure method: (low pressure pump/does not create foam)
Mix 50ml ProNano Plus with 950ml water (in a 1 liter pump). Processing time: 1 - 1½ minutes

Traditional method: (hand wash)
Add 250ml ProNano Plus to 10L (warm) water (in a bucket).


Shake well before use. Spray the vehicle in a structured manner from bottom to top. Wait for the specified processing time. Thoroughly hose down from bottom to top with a pressure washer. Work in a structured way, for large surfaces it is wise to work in small steps.

Contactless cleaning
Non-contact cleaning is a two-step process, you clean your vehicle, then protect your vehicle with a wax. This method ensures an optimal result every time. The wax provides a hydrophobic protective layer on your paint that repels water and dirt for 2-3 months . By following these two steps you will keep your vehicle in optimal condition and you will find that cleaning becomes easier and more effective. For example, use the ProNano Diamond Nano Wax , this wax can be used immediately after cleaning your vehicle and can be applied completely contactless.

Do you want to switch from traditional cleaning to contactless cleaning or have you not thoroughly cleaned your vehicle for more than 3 months ? In either case, there may be a layer of static buildup on your vehicle. You can recognize static pollution by the film layer on the paint that remains on your fingers when you touch the vehicle after cleaning. To remove this type of pollution, it is necessary to use a sponge, microfiber glove or brush. In this case it is recommended to use the traditional hand washing method.

ProNano products are developed on the basis of Nano Technology, which results in a deep cleaning effect. Thanks to nano-molecules, small particles that can penetrate deep into the surface, the cleaning process goes further than with an average cleaner. This leads to a more thorough cleaning of the surface. In addition, the gloss and high gloss of the surface are strengthened and restored, and you will experience a more intense color experience.

5 stars based on 13 reviews
Richard 15-07-2021

Was benieuwd of het echt zou werken. En boven verwachting. Ik gebruik het voor mijn vrachtwagen. En zeer tevreden

Rachmat 05-03-2021

Hi pronano.
Bagaimana saya bisa pesan produk ini ?.
Berapa ongkos kirim ke jawa timur indonesia ?

John Gilman 27-11-2020

Fabulous product baught back in May wasnt to sure at first but when I washed my cars the shine is amazing better results than Maguires & carpro & autoglm

Roland Lyngvig 13-12-2019

I have tried ProNano and Diamond Wax on 3 cars. One is 13 years old. One is 2 years old. And one is 3 months old. All 3 became very clean and shiny. Even the old car old looked new. I am very impressed of this product. It's easy to apply and remove again with high pressure equipment. I will definetely recommend it to others.

[email protected] 31-03-2019

Great stuff to use. Car looks just like new after useing this stuf

Andre D 16-03-2019

I'm a Detailer and I love this product it works Great and will continue to use.

Hjalmar Meijer 21-08-2018

Uitstekend product! Zeer tevreden over. Ik heb al vele producten geprobeerd maar Pro Nano is toch echt de beste!

Till 19-08-2018

Ein sehr gutes Produkt, welches ich auch gegen andere getestet habe. Was mit allerdings fehlt, ist die Mengenangabe für einen Schaumsprüher. Hier nutze ich ca 30ml auf je 1l.

Sebastian naumann 15-05-2018

Super Produkt. Fahre seit 10 Jahren quad /atv
und habe immer nach solch einem Reiniger gesucht. Ich kann das pro nano plus einfach nur jedem empfehlen der offroad fährt. Dosierung beachten, einsprühen, wirken lassen und dann abkärchern. Nach dem waschen benutze ich noch eine kunstoffpflege und balistol für gummi. 5 Sterne ach was 10 gebe ich.

Y.b 10-02-2018

Goed spul, ook voor de secure auto detailer is dit een goed product. In de winter is het vooral perfect. Even met de spuit met pro nano erin naar de wasbox en inspuiten. Daarna afspoelen en auto is mooi schoon. Natuurlijk met de hand wassen krijg je het nog schoner. Maar voor de tijd en moeite die je er aan kwijt bent, werkt het gewoon erg goed. Hetzelfde resultaat krijg je niet voor elkaar met PH-neutrale zepen, let wel op! Niet laten indrogen, want dan krijg je vlekken.

Thomas 06-02-2018

Pronano hat mich voll überzeugt
Hammer Produkt und echt einfach und mühelos anwendbar.

Jeremy Charpin 02-01-2018


Jesper 16-12-2017

Super product, Ik heb het product aan geschaft en was nogal scepties. Ik maak veel grote bedrijfs wagens schoon en dat wil je niet met de hand doen, dat is zo tijd rovend. Dit product doet het werk voor je, je spuit het op. Het product doet zijn werk en je spuit het er af. In een word geweldig

5 stars based on 13 reviews