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CampCare Bucket Deal Pro

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CampCare Bucket Deal Pro

ProNano CampCare Bucket Deal Pro

The ProNano CampCare Bucket Deal Pro is a complete package for effective and easy cleaning and maintenance of your motorhome or caravan. The package contains all the products that will make your motorhome or caravan shine! You will find the solution for every type of pollution in the Bucket Deal Pro. With the products from the Bucket Deal Pro, your motorhome or caravan will look like it came out of the showroom after every cleaning. You will find a solution for every pollution in this Deal. With the interior products from the Bucket Deal Pro you can clean and refresh the interior quickly and effectively. ProNano's products are based on Nano Technology. The Nano Particles provide deep cleaning and a color-enhancing effect with a high-gloss finish. The treated surfaces are water and dirt repellent.

The deal includes:

  • Detailing Wash Bucket with Grit
  • Microfibre Wash Glove
  • 1L ProNano CampCare Foam
  • 500ml Diamond Nano Wax
  • 750ml CampCare Ultimate Wax
  • 750ml CampCare Tree Juice Remover
  • 750ml CampCare Insect Clean
  • 750ml CampCare Wheel Clean
  • 750ml CampCare New Tire
  • 750ml CampCare Black Streak Remover
  • 750ml CampCare Mold Remover
  • 750ml CampCare Cabin Clean
  • 750ml CampCare Glass Clean
  • 750ml CampCare Dashboard Shine

CampCare Foam
An extremely effective shampoo for contactless and traditional cleaning of motorhomes and caravans.

Diamond Nano Wax
An innovative wax specially developed for motorhomes and caravans. The wax dries the surface, strengthens the color and glass and offers optimal paint protection.

CampCare Ultimate Wax
An excellent wax with hydrophobic properties that makes the motorhome water and dirt repellent. The motorhome or caravan is protected against all weather conditions after the treatment.

CampCare Tree Juice Remover
An innovative cleaner specially developed for removing sticky tree resin, moisture from plants and other organic substances.

CampCare Insect Clean
An effective product specially developed for contactless removal of insects from the bodywork and windows of motorhomes and caravans. The CampCare Insect Clean is ideal for on the go.

CampCare Wheel Clean
A professional rim cleaner for the rims of motorhomes and caravans. The product easily removes brake dust and other contaminants.

CampCare New Tire
A professional product specially developed for repairing and protecting tires on motorhomes and caravans. The product restores the original color of the tire and protects the tire from UV radiation.

CampCare Black Streak Remover
A cleaner specially developed for the black streaks caused by sealing products, rubbers and other biological pollution on motorhomes and caravans.

CampCare Mold Remover
A powerful, antibacterial product for removing discoloration and mold on sealants.

CampCare Cabin Clean
A universal cleaner with which the interior of motorhomes and caravans can be cleaned quickly and effectively. The product has a pleasant, fresh scent.

CampCare Glass Clean
A product specially developed for cleaning glass and mirrors in and around the motorhome or caravan. The product does not leave streaks.

CampCare Dashboard Shine
An innovative product for the maintenance of plastic, rubber and vinyl parts in motorhomes and caravans. The product has a high-gloss finish and an anti-static effect.


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