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CampCare Ceramic Coating

CampCare Ceramic Coating

This package contains:
2x 50ml ProNano CampCare Ceramic Coating
1x Applicator - block sponge
5x Coating cloth – 10x10cm white
1x Microfibre cloth - 40x40cm 380 g/m2 grey
1x Pair of gloves - black

CampCare Ceramic Coating offers long-term protection to your motorhome or caravan. In addition to this long-lasting protection, CampCare Ceramic Coating raises the gloss level and hardness of the surface to the highest level. Your motorhome or caravan is thus protected against harmful weather influences from the outside, (washing) scratches and UV radiation.

Compared to other coatings, CampCare Ceramic Coating scores highest on protection, hydrophobicity, color enhancement, durability, gloss and hardness!

CampCare Ceramic Coating gives a superior hydrophobicity to the treated surface, making your motorhome or caravan water and dirt repellent. Cleaning your motorhome or caravan is thus greatly simplified.


Make sure that the motorhome or caravan is 100% clean, free of grease and dust before you start applying the CampCare Ceramic Coating.

  • Shake the bottle of CampCare Ceramic Coating well before use and wait 3 minutes before opening the bottle.

  • Wrap the supplied white small coating cloth around the applicator.

  • Apply a few drops of CampCare Ceramic Coating to the white coating cloth that you wrapped around the applicator.

  • Work part by part. Apply a thin and even layer to the motorhome or caravan. For example, start at the front.

  • Let this layer dry for about 10 minutes (adhesion time).

  • After about 10 minutes, polish the treated surface to a high gloss with the supplied microfiber cloth.

  • Go to the next section of your motorhome or caravan and repeat the steps above.

  • For an optimal result, you can apply several layers (maximum 3) of CampCare Ceramic Coating. You can apply an extra layer after an interval of 3 hours. After the last layer, allow the CampCare Ceramic Coating to harden for at least 24 hours.

Note: If necessary, for the ultimate result, we recommend that you first polish the vehicle to remove swirls / (wash) scratches and other imperfections. For best results, apply in a dust-free area. Do not apply CampCare Ceramic Coating to hot surfaces or in direct sunlight.

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