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ProNano HydroGrip Drying Cloth | Exterior

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ProNano HydroGrip Drying Cloth | Exterior

ProNano HydroGrip Drying Cloth is an indispensable companion after every cleaning and extremely suitable for drying the exterior of vehicles. The cloth, long-wave and ultra-soft microfibres, guarantees safety on any paint type and simplifies the drying process with an impressive absorption value.

With a generous size of 90x60 cm, the cloth is ideal for effortlessly drying an entire passenger vehicle. The name HydroGrip comes into its own because the cloth easily absorbs 8-10 times its own weight in water.

Experience and enjoy the convenience and effectiveness of the HydroGrip Drying Cloth, resulting in a shiny and spotless vehicle.

The cloth is available in two colours: HydroGrip Drying Cloth Yellow & HydroGrip Drying Cloth Blue

Features of the ProNano HydroGrip Drying Cloth

  • Suitable for drying the exterior
  • Generous size of 90x60 cm
  • Exceptional Absorption, absorbs up to 8-10x its own weight in water
  • Safe for all types of paint

When drying your vehicle with the HydroGrip Drying Cloth, it is crucial to drag the cloth smoothly over the paint. Let the cloth do its work by holding it at two corners and moving it carefully over the paint. Avoid rubbing or brushing; simply dragging the cloth is sufficient for a glossy result without drips on the paint!



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