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ProNano Activator Agri | ready to use

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ProNano Activator Agri | ready to use

ProNano Activator Agri All Ready is an extremely powerful cleaner developed for cleaning aluminum, stainless steel, light metal and painted surfaces. The revolutionary formula works quickly, effectively and completely contactless. The product is ready to use, the handy spray bottle makes it easy to apply. 

This extremely powerful cleaner removes all kinds of contamination, including discoloration from ferrous spring water, rust stains, brake pad sediment and agricultural pesticides. Even the most stubborn dirt is effortlessly eliminated, leaving the surface looking like new again. 

The ProNano Activator Agri is suitable for use on aluminum and various other non-ferrous metals such as bronze, copper and brass. In addition, the product can be used on surfaces such as trailers, trucks, fuel tanks and tools. The quick reaction of the product to the pollution guarantees a thorough and efficient cleaning. 

Features of the ProNano Activator Agri

  • Non-contact cleaner and ready to use
  • Extremely powerful cleaner 
  • Suitable for aluminium, stainless steel, light metal and painted surfaces
  • Easily removes ferrous spring water and agricultural pesticides

Usage: Ready to use
NB! Only use this product on the above materials.
Shake well before use. Spray the product onto the soiled surface, working from bottom to top. Wait for a maximum of 20 - 30 seconds. Carefully and thoroughly spray down with a high-pressure cleaner. Work in a structured way, with large surfaces it is wise to work in small steps.

ProNano products are developed on the basis of Nano Technology, which results in a deep cleaning effect. Thanks to nano-molecules, small particles that can penetrate deep into the surface, the cleaning process goes further than with an average cleaner. This leads to a more thorough cleaning of the surface. In addition, the gloss and high gloss of the surface are strengthened and restored, and you will experience a more intense color experience.

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