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ProNano Agri Anti Bacterial | Disinfectant cleaner

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ProNano Agri Anti Bacterial | Disinfectant cleaner

ProNano Agri Anti Bacterial is a professional disinfecting shampoo developed for the agricultural sector. With this high-quality shampoo you can effortlessly and completely contactlessly clean your agricultural vehicles and machines that are used for the processing and transport of various foodstuffs such as livestock, vegetables, fruit, meat and fish. The product has powerful disinfecting properties that effectively eliminate bacteria, thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting your vehicles and machines.

The versatile cleaner is also very suitable for the hygienic cleaning of (dairy) stables, sorting machines and all other surfaces and areas that come into contact with livestock and food. In addition, the cleaner has a fresh, pleasant menthol scent that absorbs unpleasant odors.

The ProNano Agri Anti Bacterial ensures a hygienic and safe working environment and keeps your vehicles, equipment and machines in top condition.

Features of the ProNano Agri Anti Bacterial

  • Non-contact cleaner
  • Disinfectant properties
  • Suitable for cleaning vehicles, machines and equipment
  • Suitable for surfaces that come into contact with food 
  • Fresh menthol scent 

Mixing ratio
Snow Foam method: (foam gun/foam lance)

Mix 250ml ProNano Agri Anti Bacterial with 750ml water (in a 1 liter foam gun). Processing time: 2 - 3 minutes.
Low pressure method: (low pressure pump/does not create foam)
Mix 50ml ProNano Agri Anti Bacterial with 950ml water (in a 1 liter pump). Processing time: 1 - 1½ minutes

Shake well before use. Spray the vehicle in a structured manner from bottom to top. Wait for the specified processing time. Thoroughly spray from bottom to top with a pressure washer. Work in a structured way, for large surfaces it is wise to work in small steps.

Cleaning inside
Spray the inside of the trailer or vehicle, or area where the food is stored, from bottom to top (walls, floor and ceiling). Close the doors for 15 minutes. During the cleaning process, the product not only removes bacteria, but also absorbs unpleasant odors, and the room is also disinfected for 99%. Rinse thoroughly with a high-pressure cleaner. 

ProNano products are developed on the basis of Nano Technology, which results in a deep cleaning effect. Thanks to nano-molecules, small particles that can penetrate deep into the surface, the cleaning process goes further than with an average cleaner. This leads to a more thorough cleaning of the surface. In addition, the gloss and high gloss of the surface are strengthened and restored, and you will experience a more intense color experience.

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