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ProNano Agri Interior Package

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ProNano Agri Interior Package

A neat interior works best! Keep the interior of your tractor and other agricultural vehicles in top condition with the ProNano Agri Interior Package! This package contains the essential products to make and keep your interior clean and fresh again! With this package you can clean, restore and preserve the interior of your vehicle.

The ProNano Agri Interior Package contains:
1x ProNano Agri Window Clean
1x ProNano Agri Cockpit Shine
1x ProNano Agri Interior Clean
1x ProNano Interior Microfiber Cloth XL Blue

ProNano Agri Window Clean

ProNano Agri Window Clean is a product specially developed for cleaning windows, glass and mirrors in and around agricultural vehicles. The product eliminates insect contamination. Due to the carefully formulated ingredients, the product provides crystal clear vision and does not leave streaks. The Agri Window Clean leaves a pleasant scent.

Description: Ready to use
Spray the product on the surface to be cleaned and dry it with the ProNano Glass Cloth or a microfiber cloth.

ProNano Agri Cockpit Shine

ProNano Agri Cockpit Shine is an innovative product for the maintenance of plastic, rubber and vinyl parts in the cabin of your agricultural vehicles such as tractors. The product is suitable for dashboards, door posts and door panels. The carefully formulated ingredients give the product antistatic properties. This makes the treated surfaces and parts dust-repellent.

The Agri Cockpit Shine leaves a deep shine on the treated surfaces, which gives the cockpit a smooth, new look.

Description: Ready to use
Remove dust and stains before application. Pour a small amount of the product onto a sponge and apply evenly to the cleaned surface. Let it absorb.

ProNano Agri Interior Clean

ProNano Agri Interior Clean is a universal cleaner for the interior of tractors and other interiors of agricultural vehicles and machines. The product is suitable for cleaning plastic parts, painted surfaces, cockpits, upholstery, doors and more. It contains a high concentration of active ingredients and removes stains, dust and unpleasant odors. The products have a pleasant scent.

Description: Ready to use
Spray the product directly onto the parts to be cleaned and then wipe with a microfiber cloth. You can also first spray the product on a microfiber cloth and then rub it on the parts to be cleaned. Wipe with a dry cloth

ProNano Interior Microfiber Cloth XL Blue

ProNano Interior Cloth XL Blue is a high-quality and effective microfiber cloth for the interior of vehicles. This ultra-soft, top-quality cloth effortlessly absorbs pollution. Use the cloth to remove dust and other contamination from your interior. The cloth is ideal for cleaning plastic parts.

With this versatile and high-quality cloth you are assured of a sparkling clean interior and exterior of your vehicle. The ProNano Interior Cloth XL Blue makes car cleaning easier than ever.

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