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Agri Package Pro

The package contains:

20 liters ProNano Agri Snow Foam
Agri Snow Foam is an extremely effective product, developed for contactless and traditional cleaning of agricultural vehicles and machines. The product provides a thick and stable foam during washing. Agri Snow Foam is based on Nano Technology. Thanks to the Nano Particles, the product has a deep cleaning effect.

Working time:

- Low pressure (plant/back sprayer): 60 to 80 seconds
High pressure (foam gun): 2 to 3 minutes

Mixing ratio:
- Low pressure (plant/back sprayer) : 50 ml to 1L. water. ( No foam forms at low pressure)
- High pressure (foam gun) : 250 ml in beaker, fill with 750 ml water.

5 liters ProNano Activator Agri
Extremely powerful cleaner for aluminum, stainless steel, light metals and painted surfaces. It dissolves dirt effortlessly and removes discolouration caused by, for example, ferrous spring water and pesticides from the surface. Suitable for trucks, trailers, agricultural machines, etc.

PAY ATTENTION! Working time max. 20 to 30 seconds.
Mixing ratio : 150 to 200 ml to 1 L. water.

5 liters of ProNano Diamond Nano Wax
The patented Diamond Nano Wax has a gloss and color enhancing effect. In addition, it makes the treated surfaces water and dirt repellent. The ultimate protection for your vehicle or machine! The product has a pleasant fragrance.

Apply to wet vehicle after washing. Working time 1 minute. Rinse well.

Mixing ratio:
- Low pressure (plant/back sprayer): 15 ml to 1L. water
- High pressure (foam gun): 100ml in cup, fill with 900ml of water.

1x ProNano Tar & Grease Remover (Ready to use product)
Product for the removal of all kinds of organic stains and stains left on the paint. Perfectly removes stains and residues from asphalt, tar and resins. Also very suitable for removing dish grease from trucks.

1x ProNano Agri Tractor Shine (Ready product)
The Agri Tractor Shine can be applied to both wet and dry surfaces. It has excellent hydrophobic properties, making your agricultural vehicle or machine water and dirt repellent. The product gives the treated surface a high gloss finish and deepens the colour.

1x ProNano Mica SQ+ (Ready product)
The balanced combination of our patented Nano Technology and the Mica SQ+ ensures that the surface to be treated regains its original pigmented color. 1 year warranty! It offers ultimate protection against water and dirt.

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