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ProNano Agri Snow Foam

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ProNano Agri Snow Foam

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ProNano Agri Snow Foam is an extremely effective product developed for contactless and traditional cleaning of agricultural vehicles such as tractors, trucks, agricultural machines and tools. The product creates a thick and stable snow foam during washing. As a result, the pollution sticks well to the shampoo and it is easy to rinse off. The product is based on Nano Technology, which results in a long-lasting deep cleansing effect.

Usage & mixing ratio:
High pressure method: (foam gun/foam lance)
Shake well before use. Add 250ml Agri Snow Foam and 750ml water (in 1 liter foam gun). Spray the vehicle from bottom to top. Wait 2 - 3 minutes and clean with a pressure washer.

Low pressure method: (does not foam)
Shake well before use. Add 50ml Agri Snow Foam and 950ml water (in 1 liter pump). Shake well before use. Spray the vehicle from bottom to top. Wait 1 - 1½ minutes and rinse with a pressure washer.

Traditional method: (hand wash)
To prevent scratches, start by rinsing with water to wash away any mud and sand. Fill a bucket with 10L (warm) water and add 250ml Agri Snow Foam. Wash the vehicle with a microfiber glove and rinse thoroughly with a pressure washer.

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