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ProNano Eco Concrete Gel 200L

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ProNano Eco Concrete Gel 200L

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For more than 10 years, ProNano has been your partner in the field of cleaning extreme pollution. Take our Concrete Remover, for example, which is suitable for removing concrete residue and old concrete residues up to 5mm.

This product has become a real all-rounder in the concrete industry. But we don't sit still!

The market asked us whether we could develop a concrete remover that could be widely used and that could dissolve thicker layers of concrete. In addition, the product had to meet the most recent strict (environmental) requirements.

NEW PRODUCT: ProNano ECO Concrete Gel!
We have developed the ProNano ECO Concrete Gel in collaboration with various parties and trade associations.
  • Unique international product
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Permissible at any workplace
  • Biodegradable
Due to the thicker GEL substance, the product sticks where it is needed. UNIQUE: This allows us to guarantee stand/working time of 8 hours. This means that it softens even the most stubborn and thick concrete pollution.

This product is very suitable for use on concrete plants, concrete mixers, tools.

ProNano ECO Concrete GEL is a very efficient and environmentally friendly product for removing (old) concrete residues. Due to the GEL-like structure, the product adheres to the concrete. This unique feature ensures that the product can guarantee a stand/working time of 8 hours. This allows you to loosen even the most thick and old concrete residues.

Description: ready to use
Spray the surface to be cleaned with water before you start cleaning. This prevents unnecessary waste of the product. Then apply the ProNano ECO Concrete GEL with a low pressure pump. Depending on the layer thickness of the concrete residues, allow to act for 0.5 to 8 hours. Check in the meantime whether the concrete has already soaked loose. Then rinse with a high-pressure cleaner.

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