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ProNano Low Pressure Start-Up Kit

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ProNano Low Pressure Start-Up Kit

Easily switch to contactless cleaning. The ProNano Start-Up Kit contains all the products you need to get started right away.

The Start-Up Kit contains:
1x ProNano Plus (5L - concentrate)
1x ProNano Diamond Nano Wax (1L - concentrate)
1x ProNano Inox Red (750ml - ready to use)
1x Low Pressure Pump Pro + (6L)
1x Super Sprayer Blue (2L)

Pro Nano Plus
The ProNano Plus is an innovative single-phase cleaner developed for contactless and scratch-free cleaning of various vehicles. The product has been developed on the basis of Nano Technology, which results in a deep cleaning effect. In addition, the ProNano Plus has a color and gloss-enhancing effect and anti-corrosion properties.

Low pressure method: Mix 50ml ProNano Plus with 950ml water in a 1 liter pump. The low-pressure method does not create foam.

Shake well before use. Spray the vehicle from bottom to top. Wait 1 - 2 minutes and spray off with a pressure washer.

ProNano Diamond Nano Wax
The ProNano Diamond Nano Wax is a wax with a triple formula: it dries the surface of the washed vehicle; gives the treated surface optimal paint protection and a deep shine; it makes the vehicle water and dirt repellent for 2 - 3 months. The product is based on Nano Technology which results in deep protection.

Low pressure method : Mix 15ml Diamond Nano Wax with 985ml water in a 1 liter pump. The low-pressure method does not create foam.

Shake well before use. Spray the vehicle from bottom to top. Wait 30 - 60 seconds and rinse thoroughly to remove excess wax.

ProNano Inox Red
The ProNano Inox Red is a professional, pH-neutral product for cleaning rims. The product effortlessly removes stubborn brake dust and rust from the rims. The Inox Red has a 'red bleeding' effect.

Spray the product on the rims of the vehicle. Wait 1 - 2 minutes, but do not let the product dry. When the rim turns red/purple, the product has done its job and the treatment is complete. Spray off with a high-pressure cleaner.

Low Pressure Pump Pro + (6L)

The Low Pressure Pump Pro + covers the entire car with ProNano Plus without refilling. The pump is made of high quality for daily use. With a capacity of no less than 6 liters, you'll never be without ProNano! Equipped with pressure gauge so you can see how much pressure is left in the container.

Suitable for spraying products such as ProNano Diamond Nano Wax, ProNano Ceramic Wax, ProNano Detailing Wax, etc.

Super Sprayer Blue (2L)
The Super Sprayer Blue is a handy hand pump sprayer for intensive use. Lightens the work enormously during intensive use because you do not have to operate a sprayer. Thanks to a unique system, this hand pump sprayer can even be used upside down! The nozzle can be adjusted in all directions.

Suitable for atomizing products such as ProNano Plus, Diamond Nano Wax, etc.

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