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Truck Package Pro

ProNano Professional Truck cleaning package:

20 liters ProNano Plus
The innovative, single-phase, extremely efficient product, designed for non-contact vehicle cleaning, creates a large amount of thick and stable foam during washing. The ProNano Plus has a deep cleaning effect and enhances shine.

5 liters ProNano Diamond Nano Wax
The patented ProNano Diamond Nano Wax has a gloss and color enhancing effect. In addition, it makes the treated surfaces water and dirt repellent. The ultimate protection for your vehicle or machine! The product has a pleasant fragrance.

5 liter ProNano Activator
Extremely powerful cleaner for aluminum, stainless steel, light metals and painted surfaces. It dissolves dirt effortlessly and removes discolouration caused by, for example, ferrous spring water and agricultural pesticides from the surface.

1x ProNano Tar & Grease Remover
Product for the removal of all kinds of organic stains and stains left on the paint. Perfectly removes stains and residues from asphalt, tar and resins. Also very suitable for removing dish grease from trucks.

1x ProNano Inox Red
Inox Red is suitable for cleaning different types of wheels and other metal surfaces. The product adheres to the surface to be treated. The appearance of the red color is the completion of the treatment.

1x ProNano Black Pro
Black Pro restores the original colors of tires and plastic parts. Gives tires, bumpers, bumpers a soft shine and deepens the color. It creates a delicate coating that protects against tarnishing, discoloration, cracking.

1x ProNano Window Clean
Cleans glass and mirrors. Eliminates insect contaminants and yellowing from smoke and nicotine. Also suitable for plastic parts. Perfect for cleaning, at home or in the office, of mirrors, crystal, kitchen appliances and ceramics.

Foam gun (choice of Nilfisk or Universal)
The foam gun creates a strong stable foam for contactless truck cleaning.


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